Where the Trees Walk

Welcome to Storytelling Through Dance - Where the Trees Walk! This family-friendly theater production focuses on family separation, the power of creativity, and hope through dance, acting, and a little magic!
Rousseau just arrived in the land of the Fiddler where she was separated from her parents. Like all other children under 14, she is given a virus to get rid of her creativity and make her docile. But the virus doesn't work on her. She meets three other children who are immune to the virus and together they go on a quest to unite the Four tribes and bring down the Fiddler.
Can they unite long enough to free the other children and reunite them with their parents?
Will the Fiddler be stopped?
In a land Where the Trees Walk, anything is possible with a small spark of hope.
******* ADMISSION IS FREE *******
Saturday, October 12th at 11:00
National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture
3015 W. Division st.

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