In a youth and consumer oriented society, the very young and the very old are the most disenfranchised components. They are both totally dependent, unproductive, speechless, powerless. The significance of the very young is in the future, of the very old it is in the past. Subservient to the dictatorship of time, their space is confined to the crib or the bed. Being unable to earn their keep they are subjected to either love or charity. Defenseless in the face of violence, they are victims of neglect and assault, abuse and deprivation. In a series of prints, drawings, mixed media images and text I will develop, in workshops with those who are willing to participate, an investigation and presentation of some of the infinite possibilities showing the significance of those who are regarded and treated as insignificant. I feel there are revealing similarities in these others we have been and inevitably will become unless death intervenes before. With the disappearance of the nuclear family, the increase of migration, life expectancy growth, single parent homes and old age pensions cuts, these others are in great need of recognition and attention. Art is one of the many possibilities to bring attention to the past and future of humankind.

Antonio Martorell

This permanent exhibit is co-sponsored by The Kaplan Institute at Northwestern University. Artist Apprentice: Alejandro Esquiliano and Luis Montenegre Ferrel. Photos: Jonathan Rivera

Gallery Photos

Workshop on IPRAC permanent collection of VEVEVIEJO at Northwestern University.


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