Support IPRAC's Museum in the Park Campaign

The Institute of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture (IPRAC) has launched a community-driven movement titled the Museums in the Parks campaign with the goal of making IPRAC a member museum of the Museums in the Park coalition.

The Museum in the Parks coalition is a select group of Chicago museums located on Chicago Park District property that receive the support of the Chicago Park District, Chicago Public Schools, the City of Chicago, the State of Illinois and other entities to building greater awareness of the intrinsic value of the City’s local museums.

The Museums in the Park designation is allotted to cultural institutions that sit in or near some of Chicago’s most beautiful parks and provide a variety of exceptional programming every year qualifications IPRAC believes are soundly met by their museum.

Located inside the historic Humboldt Park Stables, the Institute of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture provide both Chicagoans and visitors year-round exhibition programming, an ongoing lecture series, educational arts workshops, a film series and an annual fine arts and crafts festival.

Through this quality programming and arts education IPRAC provides visitors an opportunity to truly learn about Puerto Rican history and traditions, broadening their understandings, enriching their lives and encouraging the celebration of diversity.

If named a Museum in the Park, IPRAC would be eligible to receive funding from a variety of sources that would allow the museum to expand its programming and improve its facility.

The first stage of this push is a online community based petition campaign formally requesting that IPRAC be designated a Museum in the Park. IPRAC’s goal is to send 20,000 online petitions to the Museum in Park coalition by November 9th.

If you support the arts, love the cultural diversity of Chicago or support ongoing education about the history and role of the Puerto Rican community in Chicago, we strongly urge you to sign the online petition. Post the link to your facebook, twitter, blogs, or website and get your friends, family or neighbors to support the petition too.

For additional information on the campaign and the Museums in the Park Coalition, please visit the following sites: and

To sign a online petition click on the following link: Make IPRAC a Museum in the Park, Join the Campaign!

For Copies of a format letter with this request can be obtained at the following link.

Signed letters can be mailed to:

Gary T. Johnson
President, Museums in the Park
1601 North Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60614-6038

Or contact IPRAC staff at 773.486.8345 or to make arrangements for us to pick up the letter to mail on your behalf.

Please join this community movement and help make IPRAC a Museum in the Park!

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