Samuel Lind: Portales (Portals) Online Exhibit

This online exhibit is a preview to the new exhibit the NMPRAC will open to the public once it is safe to re-open our facilities.

Traveling to the NMPRAC from Taller Puertorriqueño in Philadelphia, Portales (Portals) brings together several avenues of exploration within Samuel Lind’s 50-year career, some of which have not been exhibited together before. Through paintings, installations, prints, and sculptures, Lind explores his spiritual voyage and healing practices from the African Diaspora, not only of his native Loíza but also stimulated by his imagination. The inclusion of household objects, amulets, and totems bring together the artist’s home and the presence of his hometown of Loíza. The exhibition also features a selection of his serigraph prints that speak of Loíza’s Afro-Caribbean traditions, such as bomba music and dance, which has become emblematic of Puerto Rican culture. Lind is an artist concerned with preservation, Puerto Rico’s African roots with all its history, and with the current tensions due to climate change and gentrification.

These photographs show how the artworks in the exhibit were displayed in Taller Puertorriqueño’s space. We invite museum audiences to see how the work is displayed at the NMPRAC once we re-open!

In partnership with Taller Puertorriqueño
Curated by José Ortiz-Pagán
Photographs by Gustavo Garcia