La Musa Gitana / The Gypsy Muse

La Musa Gitana/The Gypsy Muse, (Last day of exhibit – March 22, 2013) 

This exhibit honors International Women’s Day Month

Ante la necesidad la Musa se enciende y de todo lo guardado, entre mis gavetas, rincones, cajas, las observo y comienza mi rompecabezas; es como un juego, voy armándolo, voy buscando y rescatando mis imágenes.  (Recopilación de MusasJanuary, 2005)

Ever since I conceived these pieces eight years ago, they have represented my art, my commitment, and my life across the towns, cities and metropolises that I have walked on. Their creation was an abundant eruption of images, colors and textures that paint the icons of our habitat, culture and nationality. This exhibition demonstrates a handful of more than 130 paintings elaborated on the island then. During its pilgrimage through Mayagüez, San German, Güanica, San Juan, New York City, Rhode Island and now Chicago, they have shown an essence of Puerto Rico in hearts and homes.

Trusting that once more this compilation of muses transports the viewer to relive joyful memories of our beloved Borinquén. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of knowing her, may this mode be the door to la Isla del Encanto (the Enchanted Island).

Lizette Cruz

lizette cruz

lizette cruz







En la playa            el colorao

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