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liminal: LGBTQ+ Chicago – Boricua Imaginings

15 Jun 2024 - 15 Feb 2025


liminal: LGBTQ+ Chicago-Boricua Imaginings explores how LGBTQ+ identifying Boricua artists, specifically based in Chicago, explore the innate, often unintelligible liminal intersections between their LGBTQ+ and Puerto Rican identities. This exhibition uses “liminality” as a methodology to honor the ways in which those who identify as both Boricua and LGBTQ+ occupy a spectrum of feeling, rather than just geographic place, language, or binary labels, through the artists explorations of time, family, spirituality, and the self. Using Chicago as a site for historic Puerto Rican and LGBTQ+ placemaking, this exhibition explores a brief history of LGBTQ+ Boricua advocacy in the city and how artists and advocates alike, have created their own futures and realities.

Featured Artists:

Vanessa Viruet
Sam Kirk
Sandra Antongiorgi
Robert Martinez
Rio Goodwin Perez
José Rosa
John Colón
Johnathan Rodriguez
Isabella Mellado
Anaís Caro

LGBTQ+ Chicago-Boricua Advocacy Timeline [English]

LGBTQ+ Chicago Boricua Advocacy Timeline [Español]



  • Date: 15 Jun 2024 - 15 Feb 2025
  • Location:The National Puerto Rican Museum Chicago
  • Curators:Anaís Cezanné Caro
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