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Our Mission

The National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture (NMPRAC) is devoted to the promotion, integration and advancement of Puerto Rican arts and culture, presenting exhibitions and programming created to enhance the visibility and importance of the rich Puerto Rican arts tradition.

Our History

Located in Humboldt Park, in the heart of Chicago’s Puerto Rican community, the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture (NMPRAC) is the only self-standing museum in the nation devoted to showcasing Puerto Rican arts and cultural exhibitions year-round.

Founded in 2000 by members of Chicago’s Puerto Rican community and local supporters of arts and culture, the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture (The National Puerto Rican Museum) serves as a one-of-a-kind institution that celebrates the best of Puerto Rico’s identity and heritage. The Museum’s early years centered on renovating the historic Humboldt Park Stables and Receptory, an iconic building that has been culturally and historically significant to Chicago since the late 1800s. After over 20 years of not inducting any new museums in the park, The Puerto Rican Museum made history and was named the latest City of Chicago’s Museums in the Park in February 2012.

In 2014, the Museum’s name was changed to reflect our status as the only Museum in the country dedicated exclusively to Puerto Rican arts and culture. The national recognition is paving the way for national accreditation through the American Alliance of Museums. Since its inception, the Museum has offered a variety of quality community arts and cultural programming, including visual art exhibitions, hands-on community arts workshops, films in the park, and bi-annual arts and cultural festivals.

Visitors to the Museum will enter through the dramatic brick archway of the original carriage receptory into a magnificent brick courtyard adorned with mosaic artwork depicting the island of Puerto Rico and many of its cultural elements. The courtyard is surrounded by the unique Queen Anne architectural features of the former stables. Each room in the stables has been transformed into part of a fully functional museum.

The Museum gives people from all walks of life an opportunity to be inspired by the power of artistic tradition, allowing guests to explore and appreciate the incredible beauty, intensity, and tradition of Puerto Rican art and culture.

The National Puerto Rican Museum serves as a cultural center for all people, including residents of Chicago and visitors from across the world; it connects diasporic arts, culture, and history to evolving generations. The key to the success and sustainability of arts and culture in Chicago is the creation of institutions that celebrate diverse cultural traditions and nurture their contributions to the arts and culture of our city. The National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture does just this – preserving and expressing the vibrancy of Puerto Rican culture and celebrating the contributions of Puerto Ricans in the economic, artistic, cultural, educational, and social development of the City of Chicago and the nation.

The Museum is a proud member of the American Alliance of Museums, the Chicago Cultural Alliance, and Museums in the Park.

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