Las Caras Lindas


Curator: Rubí Ramírez

Las Caras Lindas: Intervenciones Actuales is a cultural collective project of an itinerant exhibition that aims to bring together many Puerto Rican artists for the intervention of vejigante masks original from Loiza, PR, which are made of coconut shell.

This project addresses the figure of the vejigante from the contemporaneity and the visual arts for a review of the various meanings that, over time, has been granted to this emblematic figure of our popular culture. It studies the image of vejigante, nowadays so carnavalesque, as a cathartic being of resistance, justice, struggle and as an image of persistence and change.

Las Caras Lindas are manifested through interventions of artists lecturing cultural and sociopolitical issues and provoking questions and new approaches about the meaning of the mask and its importance.

The project consists in the intervention or transformation of the vejigante mask, carved by the mask maker, Juan Pablo Vizcaino Cortijo from Loiza, Puerto Rico. Once carved, a mask is given to artists, whom are free to work with it according to their artistic proposal.

The artists can use the mask as a surface or work material, intervening or transforming it, in which the result becomes a collaborative work between craftsman and artist.