La Diaspora

August 2017 – July 2018

La Diaspora, reflections of symbiotic relations and avant-garde influences

La Diaspora is a traveling exhibit organized by the Puerto Rican Arts Diaspora of Orlando and curated by Yasir Nieves. Their objective is to open new venues to emerging and established artists who represent Puerto Rico through their art.This edition of La Diaspora gathers twelve Puerto Rican artists of different generations that have had diverse diasporic experiences throughout their artistic careers. Their styles embrace influences of cubism, abstract expressionism, constructivism, realistic painting, and surrealism. These artistic movements reveal themselves through the unique contact with other cultures and the study of art history, through their educational and creative process.

The initiative of gathering this group of artists comes from the result of the diaspora from Puerto Rico to the United States. Some of these artists were born, or raised in New York. Such is the case of the artists José Feliciano, Felipe Morales and María Ramos. On the other hand, the majority of the members of this group migrated from Puerto Rico to Florida: Pedro Brull, Yasir Nieves, Carmen Rojas and Angel Rivera have been influenced directly by their traditional Puerto Rican roots and are the core members of La Diaspora; which was born in Florida. Four Master artists have also been included in this inter-generational group exhibit: And there is a strong bond between these four invited guests and the artists of La Diaspora. These four ambassadors of Puerto Rican culture are: Rafael Rivera-Rosa, Pablo Rubio, Martín García-Rivera and Carmelo Fontánez-Cortijo. They belong to an established generation of artists that have also migrated from the Island to continue their education in the arts and returned to Puerto Rico to become mentors of subsequent generations of young and emerging artists.

La Diaspora pays homage to Master artist, Domingo García-Dávila, who was involved in the migration process of Puerto Ricans to the United States in the 1940’s. In 1959 he established Galeria Campeche, in Puerto Rico, where he taught the renowned, Rafael Rivera Rosa and many others. In 1978 Domingo returned to New York, where he met and contributed to the development of the artist Felipe Morales.

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