Expresión de Barrio, Paintings by Reynaldo Rodriguez

Main Gallery
September 14, 2018- Spring 2019
A Vision of Reynaldo GuAracibo Rodriguez

A traveling/educational exhibition that explores the West African, the Caribbean and the Puerto Rican history of the BOMBA tradition on Chicago and others part of the United States, also each mural have this colorful exhibition features the art of the Artist Reynaldo “GuAracibo” Rodriguez accompanied by the sounds & rhythm of Afro-Caribbean drums and dances and members of the Community. The exhibition will bring pieces from Reynaldo Rodriguez, in which he uses portraits from some of the most important “Bomberos” in our community to represent various aspects of our Bomba music (drumming, singing, Cua, Maraca, etc.). An important  lement of the exhibit will be the connection with Bomberos from Puerto Rico and the United States. Consequently, selected Bomberos from Puerto Rico and other states will provide context to these pieces by submitting letters describing their influences and their first experience in Bomba as well.