40 Years: Celebrating Past,Present and Future.

40 Years: Celebrating Past, Present and Future. January 10, 2013 till March 22, 2013)

Artist Statement

My paintings reveal multiple perspectives of identity as people navigate through this constantly changing world. In my work, I explore our identity as individuals, members of our families and the broader society. Culture, tradition, and ancestral history are all subject matters engaged in my work that serve to speak to future generations.

Though most of my work consists of these themes, I often explore other ideas that are not relevant to the Latino/a experience. I have discovered that stepping away every now and then helps me return to this subject matter with fresh eyes and a clear mind. My oil painting background derives from my early exposure and interest to explore this medium. Many of my early works were developed through trial and error as I learned how to manipulate paint onto canvas.

I use layering techniques where I begin with the darkest colors and work my way into lighter hues. I mix linseed oil to extend the drying process and allow the brush to glide across the canvas smoothly. This gives me time to step away from the painting, reflect and continue forward without rushing. I use a variety of fan brushes to achieve a soft transition from one color to another and a soft round brush as a final touch. Oils have enabled me to paint as though I am telling a story. Each brush stroke reveals more about the figures and the situation taking place in the painting as I further develop the work.

Artist Biography

Patricia Perez is a visual artist with a concentration in oil painting. Her work explores various perspectives of identity. She fuses culture, tradition and history in her paintings as a way to speak to the future.  Rich, vibrant color schemes are highly significant to the artist. She believes color and subject matter work together to provide eye-catching images that evoke different reactions and emotions from the viewer. Much of Patricia’s work is inspired by casual conversations with people. She enjoys learning about different life experiences that help shape and mold humanity as a whole.

Patricia is currently working on paintings reflecting the Tanzanian culture and tradition of the Massai people. She explores the relationship the Massai have with the land and how it ties in with their spiritual beliefs, family values and work ethic. This subject matter stems from her experiences teaching art in Tanzania, Africa during the summer of 2011.

Patricia’s work has been exhibited in cities that include Chicago, IL, Milwaukee, WI, Virginia Beach, VA, New York, NY, Los Angeles, C.A. and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Patricia Perez

Patricia Perez

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