Ray Vázquez, YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago

Vice President
Pablo Medina, Segundo Ruiz Belviz Cultural Center

David Hernández, Community Resident

Jaime Moctezuma, Norwegian American Hospital

Members at Large

Paul Roldán, Hispanic Housing Development Corp.
Jonathan Rivera Lizardi, Project Director of La Voz del Paseo Boricua
Juan Calderón, Program Director Vida/SIDA – Bartolo Hernández de Jesús
Luis Martinez, Chicago City Colleges
Maria Concepción, Aspira Inc. of Illinois
Eddie Ortiz, Community Resident

Jose E. López, Executive Director of The Puerto Rican Cultural Center

Executive Director

Billy Ocasio, CEO


Bianca Ortiz DecletDirector of Exhibitions and Education Programming

Yesica Ortiz, Director of Events and Operations


Partnerships based on true collaboration and exchange are essential to NMPRAC’s core goal of promoting cross-cultural understanding. Working through strategic partnerships, both with other cultural institutions and major partners, NMPRAC has been able to successfully engage a broader audience using its collections and experiences as a shared resource, and benefiting in turn from the knowledge and skills of our fellow partners in the arts.

It is equally important to NMPRAC to serve as a venue that our grassroots community organizations see as their own. In addition to hosting cultural events and exhibits, NMPRAC has partnered with local schools and smaller community-based organizations to provide guidance and support and offer the use of our facility for their events.